Take Control of Your ABA Program

As parents of children gifted with autism, we know first-hand the challenges of keeping up with ABA data entry and team communication. So we created ABAKiS, an easy-to-use program for autism data collection and clear, concise ABA team communication.

ABAKiS helps your ABA team be optimally efficient at delivering the best treatment outcomes to your child. And it frees you up from time-consuming administrative tasks so you can spend more precious time with your child and family.

Track Behaviours, Learning, and Team Communication

With ABAKiS you always know exactly what’s going on with your ABA program.

Create your own behaviour plans and learning modules in minutes. Track trial data against desired targets and graphically see how your child is progressing. Upload photos and read session notes from other team members. (Why not check out our Features page?)

Take Control of Your ABA Team

Managing an ABA team can sometimes seem like a full-time job, except that there are no days off. ABAKiS lets you see who’s been working with your child and when; what they worked on; and even who could use some extra coaching. Add and remove access as team members come and go. Different role assignments on the team allow you to give different people access to different features.

Still Using Binders?

Say goodbye to those binders! When entered, all data is available to all team members instantly.

ABAKiS is always on, always accessible. Your information is always up to date. No more delays, hand-drawn charts, spreadsheets, emails, miscommunication, or surprises. Your BA can stay on top of your program so they can quickly adjust things that aren’t working – you get peace of mind knowing your ABA dollars are going further.

It Doesn't Have to be Scary

It’s been said that you can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been. But let’s face it – ABA data is complex and hairy. Have you ever looked back through your ABA binders and tried to puzzle out where your program has been? Summarized ABAKiS data is carefully organized, and the visual charts take all the guesswork away. At a glance you can see the big picture, or with a simple click drill down into the details.

Easy to Get Started

Have a web browser? Great! That’s all you need.

ABAKiS is on the “Cloud”, hosted on our secure servers. This means there’s nothing to install or maintain. No irritating updates, no need for an IT geek because we do all that for you. No worries about former team members having data stored on their devices – you have full control over your data and who has access to it. You can even download data for additional analysis or whatever you like.

Everyone Benefits

Just imagine how great it will be when your entire team has access to real-time updates and the latest instructions. ABAKiS allows the team to focus on the therapy instead of the paperwork. This means better treatment outcomes for your child.


Are You a BCBA or Provider?

ABAKiS frees up your time, to do what you do best. Treat more children and be more effective at it. See live updates and make therapy instructions available to your entire team instantly. No more flipping through binders, missing data or miscommunication.

Your life is about to get a whole lot simpler.