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​So we've been talking about crowdfunding for so long now that I ​actually ​forget when we started talking about it. Back in May though we finally drew a line in the sand. July 19 was the date we would launch. After all we had a plan, and there's nothing like a deadline to help make things happen.

First rule of project management - no plan survives the start of the project unscathed. You probably already know this because it's August already. See any giant splash about our campaign yet? Nope.

With about a week to go we added 2 weeks. August 1 was still OK even if it was later than we had hoped. Our development team wouldn't be able to start work until September in any case. ​We (the ABAKiS Guys) have a combined 40 years experience in the software industry, so we are no strangers to schedule delays. But this is our project - plus we know better. We're better than this, aren't we?

The problem of course is in trying to plan something you've never done before​ (in this case, crowdfunding)​. There are just too many ​unknowns to keep to a schedule without driving yourself insane. Another week went by. A couple of times I thought we were almost ready, then someone would give us some feedback. Redo the video. More pictures. ​The squirrel looks evil. ​​More data. Less cerebral. What's ABA? ​Fix the title. Again. More words. Less words. Different words. Another week.

All great advice ​(and very appreciated!) ​but it ​did ​start to get overwhelming. I almost lost it. It reminded me of setting up our first ABA program 13 years ago. (OK ​maybe ​not quite that bad​ but I started having flashbacks​.)

In the midst of this my son said to me​ with his characteristic Buddha-like genius, "don't worry dad I'm sure you'll do great."​

​No judgement, no expectation. Just simple faith.​

​Thanks ​buddy ​for ​saying what ​I needed to hear. ​This is worth doing, so it's worth taking the time to do well. And we're almost there.

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