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Both of the founders of ABAKiS share a common motivation for this project. As parents of children with autism, we each know the kinds of frustrations and challenges that parents face. Just to name a few:

  • Hours every week spent manually transcribing data just to shave off some of the overwhelming costs of ABA programs
  • Excessive time delays between therapy sessions and consultants having access to the data in order to make updates
  • Inability to see at a glance what was happening with our child’s program
  • Significant administrative overhead just in recording, summarizing and reporting data for analysis

Despite these and other challenges, ABA programs proved to be of significant value to the development of our children. They aren’t children any more - they are now grown and have already gained the benefits of ABA programs. So while ABAKiS won’t benefit us directly, there is something very satisfying about building something that is of service to others. We actually happen to believe it’s much more satisfying than building something that benefits yourself.

If it makes a difference to just one child, one family - it will have been worth the effort. We hope to make a difference for millions.

That’s why.

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