We’re building a cathedral

Today I was reminded of the apocryphal story of the traveler who comes across a town and sees one of the citizens lugging this large stone. The man is sweating with the labour, is hunched over and looks weary of his task. The traveler asks him what he is doing and the man replies, "I've got to carry all these stones from that pit over there to this pile over here" and shuffles away.

The traveler then comes across another citizen, also lugging a large stone. This citizen however has a cheerful disposition, a smile on his face, and has a spring in his step in apparent defiance of his significant burden. In response to the same inquiry the man replies, "I'm building a cathedral!"

Feature by feature, one subscription one donation one small step at a time, we are building our own cathedral - a sanctuary for those who want a better way of running their ABA programs. And that puts a smile on my face.

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