Together We Will Change Autism Treatment

We are halfway through the ABAKiS crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo and have received quite a bit of feedback. Most of it has been positive, for which we are very thankful, and has changed the face of our campaign and outreach. However there are a significant number of people, who believe in what we are doing, but are skeptical that anything will change because they do not see people moving away from paper and binders.

Simply put we want to make these changes so children with Autism receive better treatment and take some pressure off of their wonderful caring parents. We know that the task itself is not simple and change will be slow. It will happen one family at a time, a behavioral consultant here and an agency there, but it will happen.

As parents of children with Autism we understand the daily struggle all to well. We know many of you may not have the strength to fight yet another battle, that is to change the way the Autism treatment community functions for the better. We are not asking you to take on another cause, only to support us in ours.

The way to start this change, is to spare some change. Every donation counts! In fact if everyone who visited our site only donated a few dollars, we would have exceeded our funding goal by now.

If you want to do more than donate, join us by getting one of the ABAKiS Team Starter or ABAKiS Team Early Adopter packages and insist that your team starts using it.

We believe that once anyone tries ABAKiS, they will happily leave those binders behind forever.

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