The Power of Monitoring in the Treatment of Autism

To contend with the increasing amounts of data we encounter each day we have had to come up with new ways to monitor it without having to directly keep a watchful eye. These techniques allow us to focus on what is important in our lives and only have to switch context to deal with a problem or take advantage of an opportunity.

Based on experience your Behavioral Analyst (BA) makes an educated decision as to those plans that will have the greatest benefit to your child. The reality is that all children on the spectrum are different, and despite best intentions, sometimes a selected program or two will have little or no effect to your child.

This is where Autism treatment management software provides data tracking to show how your child is doing based on the programs set out by your BA. It can tell you instantly if your child is responding to a behavioral plan so you do not waste valuable time and money on one that is not working, and can use those resources instead on programs that are helping your child.

The concept is simple the interventionists working with your child can input the session data on the fly or wait until after to plug it in. Once entered the data is charted and reported so you can directly see how your child is responding. Better yet your BA can see the same data without having to visit your home. This near real-time data feed allows the BA to make adjustments to the behavioral plans instantly which will accelerate your child’s development.

You and the whole team can have full access to the treatment data thus improving communication within the group and maximizing the impact of the sessions on your child’s development. The peace of mind that comes from knowing that your child is getting the best possible treatment is priceless. Let the software do the work so you can spend more time with them rather than managing their treatment.

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