Thank you Terry Fox grads!

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A thought occurred to me during tonight's grad ceremony for Terry Fox Secondary. All of these adults standing in front of these graduates and giving speeches imparting their advice to them as they depart the safe haven of high school and embark on their lives - is very wonderful but kind of backwards.

"Have faith - take risks - follow your dreams"
If you recall, back in the fall a dedicated group of students pitched the idea that this year, their legacy fundraising efforts should go not to a distant charity, but to a couple of local entrepreneurs with little more than a prototype, a dream and a logo with a cute squirrel. Did anyone mention to them that startups have a high failure rate? That founders often quit? That it takes much much more than a good idea to build a lasting company? And if we did try to tell them that, would that have dissuaded them?

"You have the power within you to change the world".
Every time I heard a coin drop in that bucket, I thought to myself - that's the sound of someone who believes in what we're trying to do here. Who wants to help. Who wants to be part of something bigger than themselves. That clink was the sound of a community coming together to change the world.

I'm not so sure these kids need our advice. Maybe we should pause from trying to impart our wisdom for a moment and look at what they're doing, right in front of our faces. They don't need us to tell them they are capable of great things - they're already doing great things.

To the Terry Fox class of 2015: thank you for being an inspiration to us, for putting your faith in our dream, for leading by example and for showing us what you can do. Watch with pride as your legacy grows and makes the world a better place, one family at a time.

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