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So in terms of being away right in the middle of our crowdfunding campaign, the timing was unfortunate. But this was a trip of a lifetime and time well spent. 8 days of canoeing the Bowron Lakes with a fantastic group, including my son.

There are just too many amazing stories to tell but I found it really interesting to see this trip through the eyes of a 16-year-old autistic youth. After 8 days of quality time well spent, I asked him what the highlight of the trip was. Shooting the rapids on Isaac River? Camping with friends? Navigating the fast flowing Cariboo River? The crystal clear waters of Isaac Lake? Spectacular vistas of the dizzying Cariboo Falls? Yodeling echoes at Mt. Amos Bowman?

Nope. "When it started to rain."

I might never understand completely but I will never tire of his unique perspective.

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