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So we have this code word that we use whenever we start to drift off topic - "squirrel". We are all very much dog people, so many of our design and planning meetings have been at local parks where we could let the dogs run crazy.

If you have ever had dogs, you probably know what happens to their attention when they catch sight or scent of a critter scurrying up a tree. Usually it's a squirrel but birds or rabbits or even *ahem* chickens (seriously don't ask - if you have ever had a Husky you will understand) will have the same effect. They become hyper alert on the distraction and somehow manage to filter out everything else. It's a very powerful hunting instinct and good luck getting your dog's attention.

There is of couse a similar behaviour pattern in autism - that ability to hyper-focus on a distraction. Squirrel! So it leaves us as parents realizing that yes, we too are probably somewhere on the spectrum even if not very deep. We've just learned to adapt.

No wonder then, that in leading up to our upcoming crowdfunding campaign launch we keep getting distracted by our logo design. In the grand scheme of things it's really not that important but it's a very strong visual distraction. That's more or less why we made the choice to outsource this work through eLance even though we have a graphic artist on the team.

Bottom line: the squirrel is in the logo to remind us not to be distracted by it.

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