User Roles and Rights

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A user is assigned to one of the following Roles on a given Program Team.

Analyst - The “Analyst” role is typically a BCBA or Behavioral Consultant. This team member can define new program Modules, add and edit Targets, and create or modify Behavior Options and Behavior Plans.

Data Entry - The “Data Entry” role is typically a Team Lead. In addition to being able to enter data for the current session like an Interventionist, this team member can also record and modify historical data, modify Behavior Options, and create and edit Targets for Learning Modules.

Interventionist - The “Interventionist” role is designed for team members who only need to enter data, such as trials data or behavior observations, for their current session.

Guest/Observer - The “Observer” role is designed for parents or others who may wish to monitor the team’s results but cannot record or edit data. (Currently not supported)

In addition to the above roles any user can be granted the Rights of Team Admin.

Team Admin - Team members with any designated role may be also designated as a “Team Admin”, with the ability to add or remove team members, reset lost passwords, and assign or modify roles. For example, if you are a parent managing the team you may wish to make yourself the Team Admin and assign yourself the role of “Observer”. The team member who holds the ABAKiS subscription is automatically a Team Admin.