Behaviour Management

Using the “Antecedent-Behaviour-Consequence” (A-B-C) method familiar to many, you can create customized behaviour management plans to clearly outline both preventive and reactive techniques. Team members can easily track occurrences of single or multiple behaviours over time on the same chart, and monitor the effectiveness of individual behaviour management protocols in real-time. This makes it easy for trained behaviour analysts to make effective decisions without unnecessary delays.


Visual Progress Monitoring

When our sons were young, we did not have much visibility into our ABA programs. Are we doing the right treatment? Are they progressing? Is it working? These and many other questions were common.

ABAKiS provides everyone on the team with a consistent view so there is no more guesswork. Progress charts and standard dashboards allow you to monitor the child’s progress at a glance, and how well different intervention protocols are working. And for the more technically inclined, you can easily export data for use in other programs.


Team Communications

Clear, consistent communication is critical to the success of any team, and your ABA team is certainly no exception. Session reports are presented with data summaries, notes and email-style read/unread indication so team members can easily see what they’ve missed since they last checked in. You can also upload photos or images, whether for improved communication or to meet regulatory requirements.


Multiple Data Entry Options

Whether you prefer to enter data on the fly (in situ) or all at once at the end of a session, ABAKiS is designed to make this as quick and painless as possible. There is also a special mode for mass data entry, so you or your team lead can efficiently transfer historical data from binders.


One Subscription for Your Entire ABA Team

We know that an ABA team is always changing. Providers come and go and you need to keep track of them all. ABAKiS makes it easy for you to add or remove people and assign them different access levels. For example, your Provider / Behaviour Analyst needs to enter new Behaviour Management plans but you might not want them entering observation data. A classroom teacher or assistant might just need to enter daily notes about what happened today. Or your caregivers might just need to occasionally look at what behaviour response plans are currently being used. Your team subscription gives you complete control over who has access to your child’s data.


Anywhere, Anytime, Secure Access

Are you still using clunky binders to keep all your ABA data? Prepare to enter a new world of bliss. All your team members need is a web browser on any device, and they have instant access to up-to-the-minute data. The instant anyone adds data, everyone on the team can see it no matter where they are. All you need to do is sign-up and start. We host everything securely on our servers, which means no geeks required. You don’t need to install anything, no data is stored on team members’ devices, and you always get the latest features without anything for you to update.


Fall in Love with ABAKiS

Deceptively simple. That’s one way to describe the ABAKiS experience. Sign up for a live demonstration and our friendly staff will show you how easy it is to use.