Let’s go nuts

Yes, we are a little nuts already. The squirrel metaphor, which is not just in our logo but used throughout ABAKiS, not only serves to remind us to stay focused (instead of "chasing squirrels") but it's also an infinite source of childlike, playful silliness.

First of all you probably need to be a little nuts to start a business. People tell us we're nuts for building a SaaS business from scratch without hundreds of thousands in investor financing, or for expecting that the entrenched ABA industry is malleable enough for the wholesale transformation we have envisioned. That's OK - we think we'd be nuts to do it any other way. There are integrity compromises that often accompany a board of directors, plus we have a number of strategic partnerships that are helping us bridge the gap.

Our "head office" (affectionately called the Nut House, located in David's basement) sports our furry mascot and while we may not feast on acorns specifically, various nuts occasionally do make their way in there (not all of them human).

2014-12-08 21.39.24

Part of our product vision of course includes a community for sharing best practices in ABA, along with an internal marketplace where subscribers can earn points for sharing modules they have developed, or by contributing features to our development backlog. No final decision has yet been made as to what to call our internal currency (other than "points" - that's boring), but feel free to hazard a guess.

We're not just building a service-based product. We're building a community of people dedicated to using technology to help deliver the best ABA treatment possible. Community means having conversations and listening.

ABAKiS is just the start of the conversation. The rest is up to you.

So go nuts.

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