Jesus had long hair

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I've been waiting forever for my son to turn 16 so I could tell this joke. When he started to grow his hair long I thought, awesome! The joke will be even funnier!

Son: Dad, I'm turning 16 and I want to get my driver's license.
Dad: Sure son, but you need to do three things. Pick up your grades, read the Bible and cut your hair.
Son: OK dad, I'm READY to get my driver's license. See? Here's my report card.
Dad: Nice job! But you still haven't seen fit to cut that hair of yours.
Son: Right. Here's the thing. See, I read the Bible from cover to cover. It took me FOREVER but I did it. And I learned something: Jesus had long hair. Now if long hair was OK for Jesus, I figure it ought to be good enough for me.
Dad: You're right about that, Jesus did have long hair. You know what else?
Son: What?
Dad: He walked everywhere.

I had it all planned out, located study guides for the written test, sample tests he can do online to help prepare, we were heading up for a family vacation to somewhere that would be ideal for him to practice, even brought up separate vehicles so he could learn clutch as well.

"I'm not really interested in getting my driver's license dad."

And the joke's on me.

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