It’s Been A Long Road – Part 4

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Sitting in the ferry line gave us plenty of time to find out about the schedule that was 1 sailing per hour. About 30 minutes after stopping a bunch of cars when driving past, just shy of 100. Soon after the line-up moved and then stopped again.

Being a little impatient I took a walk down the line and started counting cars. There were about 200 of them in front of us so it would be touch and go if we were going to wait another 2 or 3 hours to get on the ferry. The single line of cars would bifurcate twice to form 4 rows before loading on to the boat. Figuring out which line moved the fastest would give us the edge in getting on the second verses third ferry. By this point I was pretty tired and decided to take a nap, good thing as our long day was far from over.

When the next ferry loaded we moved forward just past the point of the first split, The lines were moving slowly but the decision to go left or right could impact our long day even more. When it came time we took the right hand lane and then knew we would be waiting another bit before finding out if our gamble paid off.

When we started moving again it was not long before we would encounter the next divergence and need to decide which way to go. Looking ahead there were quite a few longer vehicles in the right lane which might be stopped early if none if the ferry was getting near full. We went left and hoped for the best. As we got closer we saw the ferry filling up quickly and we were concerned about making it. Waiting for the lane attendant to flag us through or stop us was the next hurdle. We approached the line and we could see the person looking at the line and ferry repeatedly. As the stop line came closer we figured we were done and would be waiting another hour. We were surprised and relieved when the attendant waved us through and stopped the car directly behind us. Good thing we decided to take the compact car on this trip rather than our full sized truck.

As they closed the gates behind our car I looked back at the shore and noted that cars in the other 3 line-ups had all been in front of us. We thanked our lucky stars that we made it and hoped that would be our last challenge of our trip, not.

* End of Part 4 *

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