It’s Been A Long Road – Part 3

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Despite the influx of visitors to Nelson, you know earlier in this story when I said, "we both felt that there was another place we were meant to be", well it did not take long for us to fall in love with the area and start seeing it as our new home.

The next day and a half went by quickly. It was made up of discovering the small city which has embraced its architectural past. Unlike many places they have not only preserved many buildings, but also reverted them back to their original beauty by removing the facades put over them in the 60's and 70's.

Of course we looked at all of the properties for sale in the windows of the various real estate agents in town. We knew it was dreaming for just now as it would be some time before we could actually move. But it did give us a chance to start discussing what type of property we wanted and where it would be located. We took time to sample the local restaurants and other attractions in the area. It was a wonderful time but the next morning came all too soon.

It was the final day of our vacation and time to go back to our place in Port Coquitlam. Little did we know that the trip would have one more curve ball for us.

It was a nice sunny day except for some smoke in the air due to some forest fires. we did not think much of it and were just enjoying the drive. We stopped for gas after about 2 hours in a lovely place called Christina Lake. When I went in to pay I somewhat jokingly asked, "Where is the fire?". The response was, "It would be easier to tell you where the fire isn't". This was shortly followed by, "You do know that Hwy 3 is closed due to the fires?" Problem was we were on Hwy 3 and needed to travel on the section of closed highway.

Once again on this trip out come the maps to see what alternatives we had to Hwy 3. We soon discovered that due to the rugged mountainous terrain, our options were limited and much back-tracking was needed. The gas station attendant suggested we use Hwy 6 and go to the big ferry terminal to get across the lake.

The new part of the journey would first see us retracing our progress to within a 15 minute's drive of where the day has started. Then another 2.5 hours to the Galena ferry terminal. Along the way we stopped in Nakusp for something to eat and drink. After that short stop we got to the ferry lineup, the very very long ferry line-up.

* End of Part 3 *


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