It’s Been A Long Road – Part 2

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Well let's just say that the room pictures were no more accurate than the exterior pictures. The room was plain and clean, but came with two double beds. Exhausted by the 10 hour drive and shock of the wrong accommodations, we spent the first night of our romantic anniversary trip in separate beds.

The beds were at least comfortable and in the morning we wasted no time in getting ready to leave and catch the manager as soon as she arrived. I am sure she did not appreciate us bombarding her first thing. We started describing what happened and I pulled up the ad on my phone. She said, "That is not my hotel!" She did some checking and it turns out that the parent company who owns the hotel had put up a number of Groupon ads for their hotels and in this case used the photos of another of their hotels by accident. She graciously approved the refund and we were on our way.

In computer terms we had just hit the big old reset button on our trip and needed to figure out what was next. While the area was lovely and we could have stayed there, we just needed to move on in order to shake the bad mojo. So we moved on to another city we had been before and booked in for the night. We enjoyed part of the next day there including a visit to a train museum, but we both felt that there was another place we were meant to be.

Out comes the maps and after a bit of discussion my wife pointed out Nelson, BC. We had both heard good things about it so that was to be our next stop. Given the fractured nature of our trip so far we decided to extend our trip by a day and booked two nights.

Nelson, BC and area are famous for a great many things including being in the movie Roxanne with Steve Martin, favorite place for draft dodgers during the Vietnam war, Japanese internment camps during the second world war that was the temporary home to David Suzuki and of course the ever present beauty of the mountains and people. It is also a favorite stopping post on the way home for attendees of the Shambhala Music Festival (aka: hippies coming out of the forest).

Never having been to Nelson before we were not initially sure if the hippies were all from Nelson. We were soon to learn that this happened every year after the festival, but this year was particularly bad due to the very warm weather. Channeling my father-in-law's off-beat sense of humor we had quite a chuckle over all of the "dirty hippies" in town.

* End of Part 2 *

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