It’s Been A Long Road – Part 1

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It has been a very long time since my last post as I have had quite a bit on the go in the last several months. These changes have been a long time coming and glad to see the foundation has been put in place for the next number of years.

Any time one moves it seems like there are always 10 times as much stuff to do as you originally thought. While moving is nothing new to me (this is the 13th time), the last move was 17 years ago. When we did that my youngest son was only 19 months old and now he is 19 years. Lots of good times and raising children happened in our Port Coquitlam home, but it was time to pull up stakes to start a new life so to speak.

We have always dreamed of owning an acreage but living in the Vancouver, BC area makes that pretty much impossible for a young family with 3 kids and a single income. That began to change on our 25th anniversary. We took a drive across southern BC, yes just the two of us, for the first time in about 20 years. It was supposed to be a romantic trip but it started off with a serious twist.

The drive was a full 10 hours through some of the most rugged, beautiful and diverse vistas you can find anywhere in the world. It even included a section of highway where there were literally hippies coming out of the forest by the hundreds, more on this later.

That was not the twist, but rather due to being new to Groupon. On there we had seen a great deal on a hotel, which looked great, so booked it for 3 nights. After a lovely drive we arrived to what appeared to be the wrong hotel. This area's main claim to fame was a ski resort and during the summer off season you can find great deals. The area views were stunningly beautiful, unless you count the hotel that looked nothing like the one pictured in the Groupon ad.

On the door of this hotel was a note saying go to another hotel to get your room key. We went there with the intent of getting a full refund but this was the off-season and the second hotel just had staff covering the first in the evenings, but had no official business connection with it.

After the discussion with the second hotel's employees we contacted Groupon who said they could not give us a refund because they needed permission from the owners of the hotel we booked at. At this point it was nearly 9pm, we were tired and decided to make the best of it and stay at the hotel for the first night and then speak to the manager who we were assured would be available in the morning.

While the pictures of the outside of the hotel were not correct, we had our fingers crossed that the room ones were accurate.

* End of Part 1 *

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