Is the Autism Community Ready to Change?

Everyone we talk to in the Autism community says they hate the binders! Depending on who they are, the loathing of those binders is for many different reasons. Developing a solution to this problem was the reason ABAKiS came into being.

As we enter the final week of our crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo we expected higher levels of support. This leaves us wondering, is the Autism community ready for change?

This is an ironic question as the very people treating Autism are seemingly having trouble embracing a change. Their daily work involves very gently, yet consistently pushing people with Autism to change and grow through various treatment techniques. The goal of the ABAKiS software application is to get rid of the binders, make the daily tasks and analysis of the treatment data easier, as well as save a few trees along the way.

So here is the challenge, answer the following questions.

1) Do you want to help children with Autism?

2) Do you want to make those Autism treatment binders disappear forever?

If you answered Yes to either, to complete the challenge donate to the ABAKiS crowd funding campaign. Every donation counts, regardless of its size. If you are unable to donate please share this message with your communities.

Thank you for your support of the ABAKiS campaign and children with Autism.


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