How do I type in Theta?

I always talk about people with autism having this unique ability to see things that the rest of us overlook. Sometimes we are simply left awestruck by their wonderful insights. Sometimes we just shake our heads. Hopefully in amusement.

So we're sitting here trying to connect some new devices to the Wifi network.

The password key is written on the side of the cardboard box that the modem originally came in (that's just how we roll here, go with it).


Instead of reading it out to him I just gave it to him with what I assumed would be useful tips. "This is an S and that's a 2". Mostly because I got stuck on that when I was setting up my own device.

After a few minutes of fiddling around with it, while my other kids picked up the conversation about the 2 looking like a Z and how in Canada we say "Zed" instead of "Zee" but then we say "ZEE-bra" instead of "ZEH-bra", he came back to me with the one detail I had clearly in my haste overlooked.

"Dad, how do I type in the Theta?"

I was briefly tempted to tell him it was right next to the Gamma but wisely thought better of it. "ZEE-ROW".

"It's on the Zee row?"

"No the NUMBER zero."

"Oh! Duh ..." <facepalm>

And we all had a good laugh about it.

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