Help Us Define a Legacy to be Proud Of

Years ago, when blogs were a really new idea, I didn't really get it. It seemed like a way for anyone to basically write their own personal newspaper column. How many people would really want to do that? More importantly, why would other people read someone's blog? The point of course, is that blogging (like any form of internet media) is not just a one-way narrative. It's an invitation to a conversation, which makes it fundamentally different from traditional media.

Here then, is our invitation to you, our readers, to a conversation. We need your ideas to help us co-create something very powerful with a proud and dedicated group of youth who are selflessly working to make the world a brighter place.

We're talking, of course, about the recently announced Grad Legacy project, in which the senior class at Terry Fox Secondary will be fundraising to help us bring more effective ABA treatment to our community.

From last week's kickoff meeting at Terry Fox Secondary there were already a lot of really creative fundraising ideas coming forward. We've got some ideas of our own as well, and will be doing whatever we can to support this initiative.

The ideas currently circulating around involve helping one or more local families who may be struggling with the cost of their ABA program, with direct financial aid, further supported with ABAKiS subscriptions and support. We will also be looking at options to fund development of features that will improve integration of local elementary schools with continuing ABA programs.

So let's put this question out to our readership: what can we at ABAKiS do to support the local autism / ABA community in a way that would help these students forever remember their effort with the sense of pride it deserves?

Join the conversation. Share your ideas - be bold and creative!

(You never know.)

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