Fishing for a Higher Mark

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A friend of mine was approached by his son with Autism about the marking of a test where he disagreed with the teachers assessment.

It was one of those intro geometry tests where one of the questions they asked the students, circle all shapes where using a single straight line in any direction through the object you can create a mirror image . I do not have the original test but this image represents it well.

Test Queestion


The first 8 items can be divided by a single line to create a mirror image, so for each of these he got a mark.

However when it came to the fish the teacher marked it wrong and the boy was very unhappy. So what is the big deal you cannot in any way divide the fish to create a mirror image, right?

If you agree responded positively to the above question, then there is a chance you do not have Autism. The boy in this case argued that if you take the fish and turn it in 3-dimensions so that it is facing you, then you can run a vertical line from dorsal fin to belly and create a mirror image. He further stated that the question did not specifically preclude the students from doing such a reorientation of the images.

Of course despite having goods arguments to assert his claim for a higher mark, this boy was not particularly talkative and would not address the teacher directly. With the support of his father he was able to bring this matter up to the teacher who eventually agreed to increase his score.


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