It's All Right There

Clever features are useless if nobody actually uses them.

We’ve kept ABAKiS deliberately simple to use, so your team will actually use it. Everything is colour coded so you always know what you’re doing, and navigation is simple. Nothing is hidden; everyone always sees the same thing in the same way.

(Except for the red Team Management feature: that’s just for you to control access as people come and go.)

Learning Modules

Learning Modules allow you to monitor your child’s progress in learning new targeted skills.

Your BA can easily setup new modules in minutes, and your team can add targets to track. ABAKiS makes it easy to enter discrete trial data on the fly, at the end of the session, or even to back-fill historical data. 

Module summaries allow you to see where your team is focusing their time, and more detailed views show you at a glance where your child is making progress or where extra help is needed.

Progress Charts

Charts reveal important trends and patterns hidden in the numbers; it’s why your BA loves them.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a chart is worth a thousand data points. From tracking progress on a single stubborn target over the course of a few weeks to showing the overall progress of all learning modules over months or years, an easy to read chart is always just one click away

Behaviour Plans

As any parent who has experienced an ASD Nuclear Meltdown knows, Behaviour Plans are an indispensable tool.

We know that behaviours are symptoms, not triggers. Different situations require different responses. That’s why ABAKiS behaviour plans allow you to create multiple plans for each behaviour. This way your entire team knows exactly what situations to avoid, and how to deal with problems when they come up.

You and your BA get to watch the results tally up, so you know what’s working and what isn’t.

Session Logs

An ABA team can be a zoo, with people coming and going. Session Logs show you who did what, and when.

The best part about session logs is that ABAKiS creates them for you automatically based on the data entered by each team member, as they enter it. At the end of the session they can add summary notes to share with the rest of the team.

Need photos for those government or insurance audits? No problem, you can add those in here too.

Is This Working?

You need to know what’s working and what isn’t. That’s where behaviour tracking charts come in.

Sometimes, you just know. But other times you need to take a step back and take a big-picture look. Just because a behaviour is increasing, doesn’t mean the plan isn’t working. As always, we recommend working with a professional Behaviour Analyst to help you interpret the results.