We have been in your shoes!

Every member of the ABAKiS team is either a parent of a child with autism, or a service provider for ASD children. We’re all experienced with ABA programs and intimately know the road that you are on. We have lived it and know what a long, challenging but rewarding experience it can be. We built ABAKiS not just for you and your child, but for ours as well.

Fun & Community

We believe that work should be fun, so it seems a lot less like work. This shows up in our company activities as well as the product. The squirrel is our mascot and embodies the fun, friendly atmosphere we have created here at ABAKiS. We want others to have the same success so naturally it became our logo.

We are all about building communities. Your child’s team and family, and other families just like yours, are the real foundation of ABAKiS. Starting from there, we want to grow that community to include other family members, friends, teachers and anyone you value in your child’s life.

Where Are We Going?

Simply put, we want to see a world that understands the puzzle that is autism.

Every child is a puzzle. We all recognize that autism presents particular barriers to communication, and we believe that providing ABA teams and families with easy accessible tools goes a long ways to helping bridge the gap between “neuro-typicals” and those with autism, so that we can better understand one another.

The current and future development of ABAKiS comes from our aspiration to make life better for children with Autism as well as easier for parents and caregivers. To that end, we are continuously creating new features and capabilities in ABAKiS that go well beyond simple ABA Data Management (though we certainly do that as well). Our vision for ABAKiS is a trusted partner that you will come to rely on as the backbone of your ABA team, leaving you to wonder how you ever managed without us in the first place.


David Costin

Over 20 years of diversified experience in technology including support, training, sales, product development and management. Developed a wide range of skills in many application areas such as wireless communications, VoIP, software and project management. He is a co-founder of ABAKiS and is passionate about helping children with autism as well as their families. His youngest son is on the autism spectrum and has received a wide variety of treatments to aid his development.


Erik Minty

With 20 years of engineering and management experience in the technology sector, Erik is one of the co-founders of ABAKiS and is leading the technology vision behind the ABAKiS core application. Originally trained as a control systems engineer, he has taken professional inspiration from Lean production, Test-driven development, and Agile software development. In a world of spiraling complexities, he has discovered a passion for constantly finding new ways to keep everything as simple as possible. His oldest son was diagnosed with ASD in 2000; after 16 years of ABA he graduated with Honours and as of 2020 is enrolled in a high-profile culinary arts school to pursue his passion.