The ABAKiS Story

After our children were diagnosed and we began our ABA journey, we discovered that every intervention program has a slightly different approach. What they share in common is the need to track every observed behaviour, every learning objective, target and individual trial. These are often recorded in binders at the end of each 2-3 hour session, of which we had 8-10 per week. Twice a week we had to spend hours transcribing this information and emailing it to our BCBA consultant. Every so often she could come to our home and make adjustments to the programs. It was expensive. It took over our lives. We had doubts but we stuck with it. And it worked!

But we knew there had to be a better way to make ABA programs work. It seemed that technology should be able to solve the problems with ABA and make it even more effective with less stress. After years of design and development, taking into consideration all the different elements from different types of programs, and the way different clinics / providers like to run their programs, we found a solution. With the assistance of focus groups, beta testers and pilot users, ABAKiS was born.

So what does ABAKiS actually do?

ABAKiS covers all the basics of your ABA programs - skills development, behaviour management and team communication.

You can bring your existing skills development programs (we call them learning modules), expand on them or create your own; add targets and record data. Active targets can be mastered or suspended so the team knows instantly where to focus. Whether you enter data on the fly (in situ), at the end of a session (post facto), or you have historical data you need to enter en masse, ABAKiS is designed to make these tasks simple to perform and easy to quickly master.

When you’re done with a session, it’s a good idea to add some summary notes about what happened. ABAKiS makes this simple by collecting all the data you recorded during the session in a concise format, all in one place so there’s no hunting around. Another gift that ABAKiS gives you is the ability to add photos to your session notes - everything from your child's progress in artwork and colouring to that big happy smile when they finally climb the monkey bars at the park can all be recorded for the entire team to see. Now if only we had captured a photo of that dinosaur.

The behaviour tracking component of ABAKiS is built around the standard “Antecedent - Behaviour - Consequence” model that most teams are already familiar with. It is easy to build and track the effectiveness of multiple behaviour plans. This helps both the at-home team, classroom teachers and assistants, as well as other practitioners (or even the soccer coach) identify the antecedent that triggered the latest meltdown, and what consequence was used based on the identified proactive and reactive strategies unique to your child. We all know that behaviours can be triggered at any time, but ABAKiS lets the team find out about it before your child gets home, eliminating those awkward “so what happened?” conversations. Of course, it’s really simple to enter behaviour data during sessions as well. Your BCBA consultant can analyze these trends in real-time and instantly introduce new strategies as your child progresses. As a parent, there is never any doubt about your child’s behaviour, what strategies are being used to guide your their progress and what is or is not working.

ABAKiS users love the fact that everything happens in real time. If your mother-in-law has any questions or concerns about what they are seeing, all they need to do for instant peace of mind is log in to see what's going on and the strategy behind it, often up to the minute, without having to interrupt a session. By giving as many family members as you want real time access to your child's therapy it gives your family a greater understanding of how all the puzzle pieces fit together.

It also allows the family greater control over their owned data and allows for better communication and avoids misunderstandings with other team members. During your child's sessions, because everything is in real time, your therapist will miss nothing during the session. Even if you can't be present for the session you will feel like you were there.

All of this in a simple, easy to use package. (You're welcome.)