ABAKiS is much more than just a web app

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When people ask us about ABAKiS they want to know what it is. To keep things simple we usually describe It as a web application designed to assist in-home autism intervention programs by making the process of collecting, analyzing and sharing data more efficient.

That much is true, but it’s only the beginning of the story.

The vision of ABAKiS is to bring together the global community of autism service providers to share ideas and solutions. The web application starts with making it easier to share high quality information with team members and others. For example, school teachers or classroom assistants can easily be added as observers so they know what the child is learning at home, and what behaviours they may be struggling with.

Beyond the team, a larger consulting firm will be able to easily generate aggregated progress reports, share module templates amongst their practitioners, and maintain an active communication channel to assist their team in providing the best possible service.

Our unique ABAKiS marketplace will allow users to propose new system feature ideas that are important to them, that other users can then vote on to increase their priority for development. University researchers will be able to access anonymized mass data to advance the global community of knowledge on effective approaches to intervention programs.

There is so much more to the ABAKiS story than a simple web app.

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