ABAKiS Genesis – Part 2

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Being engineers, we figured it would be an easy problem to solve. It's just a simple database application right? OK so databases and web applications weren't our area of expertise but so what? We're smart guys - we can figure it out! To make a long story short, after numerous false starts and a lot of learning, we sponsored a student project to build a proof-of-concept demo. This was a very educational process for us - we've each managed teams of professionals, hired university co-op students and led major international projects, but the dynamics of navigating a single student project through the university bureaucracy definitely had its own set of challenges.

But finally the demo system was completed, and the focus group we presented it to was really excited about the potential this had for transforming the industry. Not only would it allow behavioural consultants (BCs) to reduce their administrative costs, they could reduce travel time and costs as well - but more importantly, they would have constant up-to-the-minute data in whatever format they needed to see it. This is something they simply have never had before! As well there were the direct cost-saving benefits to the families.

If you've ever started a business, there comes a moment when you suddenly realize "hey, this is real and it's going to work!" This was that moment.

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