ABAKiS and the Environment

It seems almost every day you hear about the environment in some way. Far too often you are left wondering what you can do to help. That happens to us too, so one of the reasons we started ABAKiS is to help the environment.

ABAKiS is a truly paperless system, and in the Autism world that means a lot! All of the data input, communications and data analysis can be done on any computer or tablet. The dashboard, graphical, spreadsheet and PDF based reporting is completely electronic, thus no paper is ever needed. This is in stark contrast to the literally millions of binders worldwide filled with Autism treatment data that is killing trees (and just happens to also be making Autism treatment more difficult than necessary).

So if you want an quick and easy way of helping the environment, and get the bonus of helping children with Autism, then simply donate to our crowd funding campaign. For greater impact, like and share this post so more people get the opportunity to help.

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